How To Build A Skincare Routine in 4 Steps

A skincare routine does not have to be complicated! Are you ready to begin a routine but don’t know where to start? Skincare can be very trendy but at the root of it, showing your skin some love can be very beneficial.

Before you start looking for products you should know your skin type and what skin concerns you’re looking to address. What might work for your best friend might not work for you! Here are 4 steps to build a skincare routine!

NO. 1


Finding a cleanser is the most important step in building a skincare routine! You should cleanse your face everyday, in the morning and in the evening. Your face accumulates dirt and pollution throughout the day and at the very minimum you should wash your face. Not only that, but in order for the rest of the products in your skincare routine to absorb properly, you need clean skin as a base. Your cleanser should be based on your skin type and concerns, not strip your natural skin oils, and not be too abrasive (you shouldn’t use an exfoliating scrub for everyday use)! 💦

NO. 2


Toners are preparation for your pores and have truly evolved since the back in the day harsh skin stripping toners and astringents. Today many toners are not only alcohol‑free but extremely hydrating, prep skin for serums and moisturizers, treat skin concerns (like inflammation and hyperpigmentation), and rid skin of excess oil and dirt. They can restore your skins pH level, refine texture, and improve tone! The benefits of facial toners are vast!

NO. 3


Your skin naturally loses the ability to retain moisture as you age and finding a moisturizer is incredibly essential to your skincare routine! “Everyone can benefit from moisturizing even if they have oily skin, it’s a matter of selecting one best for their skin type”, says Dr. Karim.